The Challenge?

There is global recognition that today’s linear (Make, Use, Dispose) economy simply isn’t working. It’s unsustainable, inefficient and contributing to negative environmental impacts.

Red Garage Ventures (a venture studio supported by The Coca-Cola Company) in partnership with Hack Days Australia is running start-up competition (or “hackathon”) with the objective of unearthing new ideas and talent that can drive a start-up venture to solve real Circular Economy problems leveraging Coca-Cola assets.

Problem Statements


How can we nudge consumer habits to improve resource use and waste recovery?

Rewards for recycling.
Application of new and novel tech behavioral economics techniques.
New marketing techniques.
Design out waste Artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Augment


How can we ensure ethical and sustainable practices are used when engaging in suppliers?

Blockchain, traceability tracking, Better practice program (i.e. certifications, measured and rewarded systems), Rewards for Sustainable sourcing, Application of new and novel tech.


How might we increase recycled content and alternate materials in such things as packaging and bottlers?

Reverse supply chains advanced sorting technologies, artificial intelligence, new uses for waste, new methods of recycling. Advanced logistics systems, alternative sources to virgin, Blockchain, traceability tracking, Genomics, Internet-of-Things (IoT)


How do we close the loop and extract new value from commercial waste streams?

Tracking and traceability of organic and technical nutrients.
Enabling recycled materials to be cost competitive with virgin.
Certifiation and validation of waste.
Advance sorting technologies.
New uses for waste.
New methods of recycling.
Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Genomics, Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Register your interest


We are very appreciative of the generous support from the following event partners who are making this happen!

Who is it for?

We are looking to attract innovators & disruptors who are interested in developing the next big thing in the Circular Economy by creating new business models that leverage Coca-Cola’s assets.

This includes environmentalists, industrial designers, engineers, developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurial thinkers & anyone else that is passionate about improving sustainable outcomes.


This is the individual with a passion for improving sustainable outcomes that is willing to work with a team to co-design a circular economy solution.


This is the developer with the technical ability to execute ideas.


This is the creative with design skills & a close eye on emerging trends.


This is the entrepreneur with the ability to pitch the product & make it marketable.

Mentors & Judges

We are assembling a star studded line up of mentors & judges to support the event, watch this space for further announcements…


Franki Chamaki

Franki Chamaki

Co-Founder, Red Garage Ventures/Hivery

Jason Hosking

Jason Hosking

Co-Founder, Red Garage Ventures/Hivery

Graham Ross

Graham Ross

CEO, Kusaga Athletic

Reece Proudfoot

Reece Proudfoot

Innovation Strategist, WWF Australia


Phill White

Phill White

Co-Founder, Circular Economy Red Garage Ventures


George Droumev

George Droumev

Technical Director, Coca-Cola South Pacific


1st Prize

$ 5000

+ the chance to incubate your business within Red Garage Ventures!

2nd Prize

$ 1500

3rd Prize

$ 1000


Wednesday (19/07)

6pm – 9pm: Pre-event immersion session
@ Coca-Cola

Friday (21/07)

5.30pm: Registrations open
6.30pm: Welcome
8.30pm: Idea pitching & team formation
11.00pm: Venue closes

Saturday (22/07)

8.00am: Venue opens
10.00am – 11.00am: StartUp workshops
3.00pm: Pitching workshop
11.00pm: Venue closes

Wednesday (26/07)

6.00pm – 9.00pm: Optional
Circular Economy excursion (TBC)

Saturday (29/07)

8.00am: Venue opens
10.30am – 11.30am: Team pitching practice
6.30pm: Final pitches to judging panel
8.00pm: Winners announced
8.30pm: Celebrations!
10.00pm: Venue closes


This event will be held @ Coder Factory Academy which is a 10 min walk from Central station. If you plan to drive, there is 24 hour parking available @ 1 Bay St (Broadway shopping centre).

Coder Factory Academy
Lvl 2/7 Kelly St, Ultimo, 2007

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at



Is this only for hackers and developers?

Absolutely not. The event is to encourage, develop and launch new business models linked to the circular economy and this involves more than just coding. Each group will need a diverse range of skills, just like any business, to take it through the development process.

What equipment do I need to bring?

All you need is your hardware as well as the software you’ll be using over the weekend.

Who owns the prototypes, ideas, pitches or intellectual property at the end of the StartUp Hackathon?

You do, along with the rest of your team! RGV has the first right of access to incubate, but your hard work will not go unrewarded.

Will there be food?

Yes – we will feed you. Meals and snacks will be provided on both weekends. Please note that alcohol is not permitted on the premises unless provided by the organisers.

How late can I stay?

We want you to come back refreshed and raring to go for each day so we are closing the doors at 11pm on event dates and re-opening at 8am.

My team and I are looking to register for this Hackathon. Do we all need to register?

Yes, all your team-mates (maximum of 5) need to register individually. This is important as each participant must agree to our T&Cs. Any questions, email us.

Will there be a schedule for the weekend?

We will be running an (optional) kick-off session on Wed (19/07) evening for those that can make it, the official event will kick off on Friday evening (21/07).  For more information click 

Can I participate on my own?

You will need to be part of a team in order to submit an entry, however, don’t worry if you’re flying solo as we’ll help you find a team on the first day of the hackathon.

Where is the event being held?

The Start Up Hackathon is being held at Coder Factory Academy @ Lvl 2/7 Kelly St, Ultimo (Sydney). For more information click.

Are we allowed to sleep?

Sleep is optional, but highly recommended. You will have access to the venue until 11pm on the Friday and Saturday. However, at some point, even your intrepid organisers will want to go home and sleep and you will politely be asked to leave and come back in the morning. You cannot sleep on the premises.

I'm coming from interstate – what do I do about accommodation?

The following hotels are within an easy walking distance to the venue:

  • Metro Aspire Hotel Sydney – Ultimo, Sydney (0.6 km from Broadway Shopping Centre)
  • The Old Clare Hotel – Sydney Central Business District, Sydney (0.7 km from Broadway Shopping Centre)
  • Mecure Sydney (800 m from Broadway Shopping Centre)

Who are the organisers?

This event is being run by Red Garage Ventures with the support of Hack Days Australia & Coder Factory Academy.

What are the terms and conditions of the event?



The Hackathon is being conducted by Vivify Labs Pty Ltd (ACN 602 037 909) (Hack Days Austraila) and Red Garage Ventures (ABN 56 602 183 102) (Company).


Participation in the Hackathon is subject to these terms and to Company’s privacy statement. By participating in this event you agree to be bound by these Terms.


Entry conditions:

  •  all entrants must be over 18 years of age
  •  all entrants must register as individuals

Your active participation in the Hackathon is vital to helping make the event a success:

  •  give your all for the Friday night and two Saturday sessions
  •  play nicely with your fellow team members and other Hackathon attendees
  •  do all that you can to make sure your business idea is the best it can be; and
  •  comply with Hack Days Australia’s directions with respect to your health and safety during the Hackathon.

Any ideas or materials that you use for the purposes of the Hackathon (Your Material) must:

  •  be something in which you own all intellectual property rights or are licensed to use; and
  •  not be subject to any law or obligation that prohibited their use for the purposes of the Hackathon.

You will retain ownership of Your Material developed during the hackathon. The company (Red Garage Ventures) has the first right of access to incubate.


Hack Days Australia and the Company may use Your Material for the purposes of conducting and promoting the Hackathon, and promoting future events similar to the Hackathon.


During the Hackathon you may receive information (Confidential Information) that is confidential to Hack Days Australia or Company (each a discloser). You must keep the Confidential Information confidential, and not use or disclose it except for the purposes of the Hackathon or with the consent of the discloser. You must destroy all copies of that Confidential Information within 14 days of a request by a discloser.


Hack Days Australia may share your contact details with Company, who may use your contact details to contact you about the Hackathon, or any matter arising out of or in relation to the Hackathon. Hack Days Australia and Company may use your name and picture in accounts of the Hackathon or promotion of future Hackathons.


You acknowledge that you participating in the Hackathon voluntarily and at your own risk. You release Hack Days Australia and Company from any liability for any loss, injury or damage that you may suffer or incur arising from your participation in the Hackathon.


These terms are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia.